Darling, You Slay Me! by Tom Shelton and Alyssa Cannan

Synopsis:The time is 1928, the place is New York City. It is the opening night party at a swank Times Square restaurant for a particularly dreadful new Broadway musical. With each new review comes a mysterious death, and so it falls to Anthony Badger, food critic and amateur sleuth, along with the audience, to sort out the patterns and find the killer.

A smart, affectionate parody of theatrical characters in the best glimpse-backstage tradition. This comic murder mystery is perfect for small theatre companies who need small-cast plays. Commissioned by The Gourmet Detective (Orange County, CA), it has proved to be an audience favorite.

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Some critical reactions:

“Darling, You Slay Me,” is a 1920s... play-within-a-play. While the audience dines, characters with names such as Dick March and April June swish around with cigarette holders, pouring stiff drinks, accusing one another in growls and purrs and invoking healthy doses of bawdy-but-PG humor." - Los Angeles Times by Margaret

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Rafe R
Laguna Playhouse Youth Group
"I laughed so hard that I was brought to tears on several instances throughout the evening. One suspect flirted with my fiancĂ© so much that his face turned red. At one point a detective stormed in to the room asking what all the commotion was and an audience member sheepishly replied “next door,” which sent the detective searching into what was a closet. We fed off of each others laughter and it was fantastic. The more involved we became in the show, the more outrageous it was." -  The Press Enterprise by Lesley-Anne North

The piece has enjoyed a rich and varied production history, running for several years in Riverside CA at the "Gourmet Detective" (www.gourmetdetective.com) as well as some wonderful high school and youth productions most recently at the Kansas City Academy and Laguna Playhouse youth theatre.